Practice for being HUMAN

Daniela Zimmermann

Medical Massage Therapist


We are all HUMAN. No matter where we come from, how we look or what we believe in, what we do and represent in our lives.

FOR ME, being HUMAN means dancing with the wind and singing to the moon. To swim in a sea of emotions, to experience moments of perfection and clarity, to lose yourself to discover yourself anew. To be HUMAN means to cry, to laugh, to love. To think independently, to question and to speak one's personal truth. To be HUMAN means to allow yourself to be yourself. What does being HUMAN mean FOR YOU?

It takes courage to be HUMAN. Because being HUMAN means being colorful in a sea of gray. To be different from everyone else, unique, an original instead of a copy.

Healing for me means to recognize this originality in ourselves and in our fellow human beings. To accept and live being human with all its facets. And to share our thoughts, feelings and stories with each other in order to grow together.

I wish that more and more PEOPLE have the courage to show their colors, to stand up for being human in love and respect, for our own good and for the good of our family, of HUMANITY.