Practice for being HUMAN

Daniela Zimmermann

Medical Massage Therapist

My life

  • Born and raised in Meggen (LU) Grammar school with Matura in Lucerne
  • Years of learning and wandering, various internships, language trips
  • Internship in the drugstore and naturopathic practice of Claudia Haus in Mellingen (AG)
  • ZefaM Central Switzerland School for Medical Massage Therapists
  • Work as a medical massage therapist with Jürg Schneeberger in Langnau i. E
  • Hawaiian Massage Training with Jeana Naluai in Maui (HI)
  • Pilgrimage on foot on the Via Francigena to Rome
  • Opening of my practice in Biel/Bienne

My teachers

Claudia Haus

Under the instruction of Claudia I was allowed to help in her natural healing practice and among other things perform foot reflexology massages. She gave me an incredible opportunity and allowed me to discover the joy of therapy. In the drugstore I got an insight into the world of natural remedies and could benefit from Claudia's extensive knowledge. In addition, she let me tinker for hours on new window display ideas for the drugstore. With scissors, glue and colored pencils. Our decorations were unique and very human, which inspired me.

Jürg Schneeberger

As a boss and mentor, Jürg gave me the freedom to grow as a therapist. He taught me the down-to-earthness of the people of Emmental, a sense of separating the important from the unimportant, the work ethic of living what you preach, calmness and confidence in life. He also made me really aware of the importance of networked thinking as well as the inclusion of body statics when looking at a complaint. Jürg is an important role model for me as a therapist and as a person.

Jeana Naluai

Jeana has taught me interesting new therapeutic concepts by combining her experience as a physiotherapist with the knowledge of traditional Hawaiian healing and spirituality that has been passed on to her. Among others, the concept of Aloha (love, loving intention), Mana (power, energy), Pono (living and acting according to one's own moral principles), Ho'oponopono (bringing life circumstances and one's own moral principles back into harmony, forgiveness, clearing), Kuleana (taking responsibility for one's own life task). The holistic approach and treatment of an organism with gentle techniques for large-scale action on muscle tendon insertions, fascia, the nervous system and the lymphatic system met my need for rational explanations as well as my need for an intuitive approach. Jeana opened up a new world for me in Hawaii.

My Vision

I wish for the world to become more colorful again. On the outside as well as in our hearts.